Dear fellow human, the domain names below


have been inspired and designed

to remember us


the greatness of the Boxer Muhammad Ali


in the ring and out of the ring.





the date 

june 23rd 2016 UK Referendum


has inspired


the following domain names


and the design of the

3-line logos 

that match them




outisout  .eu




Inspired by







"Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.


His hands can't touch 


what his hands can't see."




And inspired by



the butterfly effect


described in the early 1960's by the meteorologist Edward Lorenz 

 running computerized equations

for nonlinear events

to try and predict weather conditions




the wing-flapping of a single butterfly


on one side of the Planet


grants the power


to cause a Hurricane


on the other side of the Planet.





The butterfly effect is used in

chaos theory



and in

fractal mathematics



Chaos theory and fractal mathematics



non linear events

effectively impossible-to-predict events


effectively impossible-to-control events






the stock market

our brain states


and many other events



the chaotic, fractal nature of our world

can give us 


new insight

new power

and wisdom"


Dr Jonathan Wolfe

Board President of the

Fractal Foundation




And inspired by



June 23rd 2016




And by


 Juncker's quote


- june 22nd 2016 -



"out is out"



Jean-Claude Juncker


President of the European Commission





And inspired by


The Bank of America

- june 27th 2016 -






"Brexit to trigger a chain of nonlinear events

well into the long term...



... a butterfly effect on steroids"





All these domain names will soon be up for auction.



publicize these domain names


and drive good webtraffic


to make these domain names interesting


to domain name auctioners




Help us make it


the best domain-name-sales ever reached


since the internet began.




Help to push it to


8 figures usd



and raise 1 million usd from the sale



for Charity and Good Deeds





Feel free to indicate us by email




the Charity or Organization

of your trust and choice.





All the Charity or Organizations 


that you all will have indicated in your emails 


will be published on this site entirely

without reference to you




The most demanded Charity Organization

from your overall requests


will be the one rewarded

at the end of the


amazing 8 figure usd sale.




The success of the domain name auctions


will follow the passion and interest


you all will have thrown into telling other human fellows about it




So, generate good powerful webtraffic


This is not a trick.

It is a simple way to make use of the internet

and the social media you all connect to daily, hourly





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